Movie Rec: "The Ceremony"

This is a fantastic micro-budget film that proves you can make something from nothing. You don't need a drop of fake blood, a single frame of CG, or even a guy in a monster suit to make an effective horror movie. Just a dude, an empty (?) house, and a??talented??director. There isn't much dialogue (as there is only on person on screen until the very end of the film), but the one-man cast does a great job of??portraying, through facial expressions and body language, a regular guy in an increasingly irregular situation. In an too-uncommon??occurrence, the??protagonist behaves in a normal, rational way even as he's confronted with some very irrational things.??

If you liked the cinematography in The Shining, you'll love the look of the this film. A large fraction of the running time is composed of long, creepy, static or tracking shots of the interior of the dark, empty house. If you are an idiot, you will think this is "boring."

The climax is satisfyingly free of murder or things blowing up, and the obligatory twist ending isn't teased until very late (though horrorphiles will probably figure out where things are headed once it does).

The Ceremony doesn't seem to be available on disc, but can be seen at Netflix or purchased for download from Amazon. Check it!

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