Well, by all accounts, that last Smurfs movie was the work of the Prince of Darkness

The Smurfs (and My Little Pony) are Satanic witches or something.

via Scott Johnson on the Morning Stream. I really need to find more of this woman’s videos. 

There are apparently a bevy of Smurf-related conspiracies: http://wikibin.org/articles/smurf-conspiracy-theories.html

The Satanic Smurf Craze was a widespread rumour or urban legend that came to a head in 1983 in Puerto Rico. It was similar to other Latin American scares, such as the chupacabra and the Gnome sightings in Argentina. The rumours told of how people had been seeing Smurfs dressed as The Devil, and practising Satanism. Some have linked the rumours to the fact that in an episode of The Smurfs television series, Gargamel makes the mark of a pentagram on the floor and generally practises black magic. Papa Smurf also creates potions and spells, which are considered by some to be a form of magic. The television channel Telemundo had recently begun airing the cartoon television series of The Smurfs and some have suggested that the rumour was started by a rival television company. [emphasis added]”

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