Web Design Tip: If you need 1000 words to explain how your new interface works, you have failed


All of Gawker's sites did this, I'm just picking on Jezebel because it has the wordiest "explanation."

This note from a Gizmodo writer ??was particularly funny:

??If it helps, the cognitive leap I had to make was to scan the right-hand bar, not the center of the site, for content. Stick with us!??

Get that? Let that sink in. The site staff just helpfully informed you that they've moved "content" off center stage. To a place that's smaller and harder to scan (it breaks the scroll bar on the page, forcing you to hover the mouse over a narrow area and use the scroll wheel.??

And the boxes, man. Boxes boxes boxes, everything in ever-tinier boxes.??

I can go to Endgaget or Destructoid, but I'll miss Lifehacker and Kotaku.

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