ICANN set to open top-level domain floodgates

After decades of operating with no more than 21 generic top-level domains, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing to start registering up to a thousand top-level domains in a year, according to PCWorld. ICANN plans to post a new TLD application guidebook for hopefuls looking to join the ranks of .org, .net and .jobs as soon as November 9.

ICANN has spoken of adding TLDs to the Internet’s repertoire since 1998, and has pushed a few through since then, including .info, .biz and .jobs. While a handful of the new ones have met success, resulting in over a million domain registrations, none have been able to match the runaway .com, which is associated with over half of the 196.3 million registered domain names.

Many entities have professed their desire to apply for TLDs of their very own, including .nyc, .berlin, and .unicef. Even registry operators for large TLDs like .org have expressed an interest in diversifying with variations of the ones they already own.

Great news, especially from a marketing perspective. URL’s may get a lot more intuitive and memorable very soon.


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